Team Manager Log In

You will need to create a new team managers login for the 2017-18 Season. Click here if you need to create a login.

A TourneyMachine login for another organization will not work.
Our organization and AAYBA use the same software,
you must create a different TourneyTeams login for each organization!

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How to Submit a Schedule Request
Login to TSB Tourney Teams. Click on the team you wish to submit a schedule request for and click on "Schedule". All schedule request must be submitted by the Monday prior to the event. You can block out a 4 hr period on Friday or Saturday only, we will do our best to get your request on the schedule.  Schedule request are not gauranteed.

Travel Sports Baseball has partnered with Sports Illustrated Play and Tourney Machine to bring teams the best tournament experience avalable! All tournament team management, tournament registration and schedules will be managed through the SI Play system.